Benefits of bilingualism essay

benefits of bilingualism essay

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More subtly, were aware that there are endangered languages as well as endangered species: the organisation. Ethnologue has suggested that 473 tongues are close to extinction. Hence the existence of the linguapax prize, awarded on International Mother Tongue day (21 February) to celebrate work that treasures linguistic diversity. Perhaps most importantly, international communication and movement are so simple that the maintenance of the mother tongue isnt only far easier, but is also in an age of globalisation economically advantageous. Studies have shown that bilingualism has boosted Switzerlands gdp by 10 and that, on average, bilinguals in America earn 3,000 more per annum than their monolingual counterparts. . But perhaps bilingualism is also a response to a world in which nationalists, protectionists and isolationists seem to be goose-stepping again. Language has always been a weapon of nationalists: in the bible, in Judges 12, Ephraim is killed for mispronouncing the word shibboleth and revealing himself an alien to the gileadites. Its impossible to judge cause and effect, but the fact that the excellent language learning app, duolingo, has more than a million registered Esperanto users, and that wikipedia has a quarter of a million articles written in Esperanto, must say something about peoples yearning.

Benefits of, bilingualism, essay

They discovered that students who had a native language literacy would display calp (cognitive academic language proficiency) in a secondary language far sooner than those who didnt have a strong native language. The implication was that its far more advantageous for immigrant children to hear an eloquent, grammatically correct, richly nuanced language at home than be exposed to low-level pidgin English. They can then transfer those language skills the concepts, diction and sophisticated structures short to their new language. It shouldnt come as a surprise that so much cutting-edge research into bilingualism, from Cummins and Collier to bialystok, comes from Toronto. Its a city in which it is estimated that half the inhabitants are bilingual. But those figures are now the norm: 56 of European citizens and 60 of Los Angeles residents are functionally bilingual. Globally, the figure for bi- and multilingualism is thought to be over 50 and rising, meaning that being monolingual is no longer (if it ever was) the default to which polyglots are an odd exception. But there are sociological, as well as demographic, reasons why bilingualism is no longer frowned upon. In the early 21st century, there is far less certainty that a developed or colonial countrys language is somehow superior or nobler than another. Thanks to multiculturalism, immigrants have less of an inferiority complex and natives are, mostly, more accepting of diversity, linguistic as well as racial or sexual.

What made it remarkable was the fact that 96 of students were eals (speaking English as an additional language). Here, it seemed, was proof of what academic research had been saying for years: that the maintenance of a home language may be working beneficial for learning the community language, that proficiency in that first tongue enables proficiency in the next. Antonella sorace is the director of Bilingualism Matters, a research and information centre at the University of Edinburgh that promotes multilingualism in Scotland and across the globe. For decades, she says, there was this notion that learning two languages together, or too soon, would affect children. It would cause problems at school. Thats always the message that parents got, but theres absolutely no evidence of that; in fact, quite the opposite. The research that finally put that prejudice to bed was conducted by jim Cummins and Virginia collier at the University of Toronto.

benefits of bilingualism essay

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Its as if some bilinguals can speak, say, 95 of two languages, rather than a 100 of one. For those who want their children to be articulate and sophisticated language users, that missing 5 is a major hole, especially if you want them fully to appreciate, say, dante or Shakespeare. But as François Grosjean, the French psycholinguistic said, a bilingual is not two monolinguals in one and shouldnt necessarily be judged essay according to monolingual parameters. In november last year, there was a good news story that almost sank without trace. It wasnt just uplifting because. St Stephens in East Ham, london, was the first non-independent school to top the. Sunday times school league table.

At the other end of the life spectrum, there appear to be positive consequences of bilingualism. One of the foremost researchers into the subject, the canadian psychologist Ellen bialystok, analysed the medical records of patients diagnosed with dementia and discovered that onset symptoms were diagnosed between three and four years later in bilinguals (on average.6 years old, compared. No one is implying that if youre bilingual you wont get Alzheimers. But the research does suggest that bilingualism, like other mentally challenging activities such as playing the piano or chess, can attenuate age-related deterioration. . The orthodoxy is the exact opposite of what it was 50 years ago, with flag-waving books called. The bilingual Edge and, the bilingual Advantage being published. It would be very easy to become smug, but there are clear drawbacks as well as advantages. The verbal aptitude of bilinguals in each language is generally less than that of monolingual speakers; the vocabulary size is smaller and there is a slower response time among bilinguals for the understanding and producing of words.

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benefits of bilingualism essay

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That requires, of course, immediate inhibition and activation, stopping the wrong language and authorising the right one. The result is whats called enhanced attentional thesis control, with obvious implications for concentration, memory and. The effects of bilingualism appear to essay take place almost from birth. Extraordinary experiments involving electric sensors in babies dummies suggested that infants only a few months old can distinguish one language from the next. Eight-month-old infants are able to distinguish the facial expressions of one language from another.

If such enhanced perceptual attentiveness is evident so early on, its perhaps not surprising that the bilingual brain seems to be wired differently. In another experiment, eight-year-old bilingual girls displayed enhanced complex spatial reasoning compared to their monoglot peers; less subject to egocentric error, they were much more adept at understanding what the arrangement of four coloured blocks would look like from 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Along with a host of other research, implied in the results is an ability to empathise, to see a situation from anothers perspective. It is, perhaps, obvious that if youre habitually changing your language to accommodate the interlocutor and their context, youre inevitably going to be used to taking into account other peoples abilities and points of view. Its called, in the technical jargon, code-switching, the most famous example of which came from. Charles v, the pan-European emperor of the 16th century: I speak spanish to god, French to men, Italian to women and German to my horse.

It was thought that if, for example, immigrants maintained a mother tongue at home, it would impede integration at school and probably lead to academic regression and confusion. As one journal study put it in 1926 : The use of a foreign language in the home is one of the chief factors in producing mental retardation as measured by intelligence tests. The choice to avoid the mother tongue wasnt simply an educational, but also a social, one; the home language was invariably considered a source of shame, a sign of poverty or difference that would almost certainly lead to being singled out and bullied. For immigrants, integration used to imply the deliberate avoidance of your parents language, at least in any public setting. . The pendulum began to swing back, very slowly, after 1962, when an academic study was conducted into monoglot French speakers and English-French bilinguals in Montreal. The authors, Elizabeth peal and Wallace e lambert, had expected a variety of tests to prove that the monoglots were more able than the bilinguals, but the exact opposite was the case.

Intellectually, they said, the bilingual childs experience with two language systems seems to have left him or her with a mental flexibility, a superiority in concept formation, a more diversified set of mental abilities. That dry prose of the monograph, The relation of Bilingualism to Intelligence, disguised a revolution: for the first time, academics were suggesting that, far from being a hindrance, exposure to more than one language could offer a distinct advantage. Over the next two decades, various academics kept pushing that pendulum, devising aptitude tests that revealed that bilinguals were marginally more competent at problem solving, meta-linguistic awareness and symbol manipulation. The more tests were done, the more neurologists and cognitive scientists focused on executive control, the cognitive skills in the brains frontal lobes that support high-level thought, memory, attention and multitasking. The effects of bilingualism on neuroplasticity (the modification of brain structure and function) seemed clear cut, so researchers needed to understand how the brain accessed the two (or more) languages. What emerged, through hundreds of experiments, was the notion that rather than having two different pockets containing, say, french and English, the bilinguals brain had one huge holdall for both. (Not everyone agrees: linguists are more likely than psychologists to believe that languages are separate, the grammars even more so than the vocabularies.) Either way, in any linguistic setting, bilinguals brains would begin joint activation, rummaging to find the right words in the appropriate language.

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Even being a village idiot can be turned to your journalistic advantage: for years, while on investigative pieces in Italy, ive used what I call the columbo technique, deliberately appearing more dippy and bungling than i am to catch people off-guard. So if the children appear differently to us, so must event we to them. From having been a stickler for linguistic precision, their father must seem an erratic guide: they can hear my mispronunciations and absent subjunctives. After such a short period, their mothers faultless English has slipped a notch or two. Theyre realising that report theyre due to overtake both of us in a matter of months. They will hopefully become what Francesca and I can never be: truly bilingual. Until recent decades, bilingualism was deeply frowned upon and considered deleterious to development. The received wisdom for much of the 20th century was that there was really only space for one language in a childs brain.

benefits of bilingualism essay

Benedetta, a bruiser at the best of times, is strangely sweet and gentle in Italian; Emma, our incessant court jester in English, is precise and serious; and leo, who has always seemed stereotypically Italian, is even more boisterous. It feels as if our children are different, more mature, but also, because of linguistic struggles, somehow more infantile or vulnerable. I, too, feel altered. If youre a writer, and words are your currency, youre hopefully eloquent, maybe even wise. But when you live in a language not your own you become, inevitably, something of a village idiot. However fluent you are, your accent is ever obvious and you lack the nuances and registers of a native. In a language as mellifluous as Italian, you will always be blunt, a bit like a german speaking English. You can turn such things to your advantage, of course: Italian bindung is often spoken for the sound rather than the meaning, for the cadences and colours and flourishes so a foreigners bluntness is often, Italian friends generously say, a relief.

Somerset, we were always in public. Only when they were very young did our kids speak italian as easily as English. I remember taking two-year old Benedetta to a six Nations rugby match. She was shouting dai, dai to the Italian players, meaning come on, come. All the welsh supporters thought the sweet girl in pigtails was shouting die, die. The last few months have been like that blissful period when your baby starts making intelligible sounds and words for the first time. Youre constantly shocked by their skill, by their humour and misunderstandings. Only this time, the beings surprising you, and themselves, are no longer babies, but much older. Whats breathtaking isnt just their language acquisition, its the way their personalities subtly mutate and shift.

Every time it happens we laugh about our private pidgin, called take your pick engaliano or Italish. But behind the laughter is mild astonishment at the speed at which children can overlay and overlap languages. Sometimes, theyre not inventing words, but using the English ones in an Italian way: I have been advantaged, benedetta said a few weeks ago, meaning: ive been fortunate. I lost the bus, Emma said, implying, of course, i missed. Shes an insupportable person is an Italish way of saying: I cant put up with her. Their pronunciation is changing, too: leo no longer short says flash (his televisual obsession) but, like his schoolmates, flesh; he doesnt talk about plum cakes, that mass-produced Italian snack, but plume cegs. All their hand gestures are Italian (bouncing the fingertips, all together, towards the chest to say: Dad, youre talking nonsense and, inevitably, theyre trying out Italian swearwords. Until we moved here, they were what would be called receptive bilinguals: they understood everything in Italian but almost never spoke.

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Everyone knows that its moving and melancholic to animals watch your children change over the years. But to hear them alter their language, over the course of a few weeks and months, is almost surreal. Its as if the precious beings you thought you knew are completely different and the experience is both intriguing and unsettling. Our children were 12, 10 and seven when we moved from Somerset to their mothers country, italy, last summer. Until then, they had always lived in England and their English was what you would expect: the odd spelling mistake, but otherwise fluent and full of pre-teen playground slang. Now, in Parma, barely a day goes by when they dont inadvertently say something odd: Mum, Im eshing going out; Can we eat pesh? Fish; ive scritten written to Grandpa; Can you accorten shorten my trousers?; have you chiused closed the door?; Shut up, Im parling talking; ive strapped ripped the page.

Benefits of bilingualism essay
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I have had the chance to live and work for extended periods of time in at least three countries, the United States, Switzerland and France, and as a researcher on bilingualism, it has allowed me to learn a lot about my topic of interest. Pride prejudice essay on first impressions.

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  2. Mendocino student shares why it would be more beneficial to learn a foreign language in grammar school instead of in the later school years. French for the future is a not-for-profit organization that supports and motivates high school students on their path towards bilingualism. By professor Fran ois Grosjean. I have had the chance to live and work for extended periods of time in at least three countries, the United States, Switzerland and France, and as a researcher on bilingualism, it has allowed. A student essay on the transcontinental railroad, in Spanish, is projected on a smart board in a fourth grade classroom at Sherman Elementary School.

  3. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages). More than half the worlds population is now bilingual. Now thought to encourage flexibility of mind and empathy, bilingualism is also transforming societies. Title length Color Rating : Bilingualism and Multiliteracies in Australia - this essay will demonstrate the research that is implemented on children with bilingual ability; discussing three main issues in bilingualism which is: the maintaining childrens first language, social and cognitive benefits, also why bilingualism.

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